How to use the jack correctly

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00

1, must be checked before using each part is normal.

2, the use of strict compliance with the provisions of the main parameters, avoid overloading, or when the lifting height or lifting tonnage exceeds the provisions of the top of the cylinder will have a serious oil spill.

3, such as manual pump body oil shortage, the need to be added to the pump should be fully filtered N33 # hydraulic oil to work.

4, electric pump please refer to electric pump manual.

5, the center of gravity to choose a moderate, a reasonable choice jack focus, the bottom to be flat, taking into account the ground soft and hard conditions, whether to liner tough wood, placed is smooth, so as not to subsidence or tilt load.

6, the jack jack will lift the heavy object should be promptly supported with a solid support, the use of the jack forbidden to support. For a long time to support heavy objects, please use

7, for several jack at the same time lifting, in addition to the jack should be placed correctly, you should use more top diversion valve, and each jack load should be balanced, pay attention to keep lifting speed synchronization. Consideration must also be given to the possibility of subsidence of the ground due to uneven weight, preventing the weight from tilting and becoming dangerous.

8, the first manual pump quick connector and the top butt, and then select the location, the oil drain screw on the pump tightened, you can work. To descend the piston rod, unscrew the manual oil pump handwheel anticlockwise direction, the cylinder unloads and the piston rod gradually descends. Otherwise, falling too fast will be dangerous.

9, separate jack spring reset structure, after lifting, you can quickly remove, but not connected to the hose to pull the jack.

10, due to smaller jack lifting stroke, the user should not exceed the rated stroke, so as not to damage the jack.

11, the process should be used to avoid severe vibration jack.

12, unfit for use in acid, alkali, corrosive gas workplace.

13, the user should regularly check and maintain according to the usage