How to judge the quality of the basketball stand?

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00

How to determine the basketball rack is good or bad, the following points

The surface treatment of the basketball frame using standard painting, his life will fade in about 1-2 years. Should buy shot blasting rust electrostatic spray treatment, how life is more than five years the surface of plastic powder will not fall off;

Basketball height according to international standards should be a height of 3.05m

Look at the wall thickness of the basketball stand in line with national standards; like the average thickness of the basketball floor buried 3mm thick, the box body box to reach 2.75mm thick, the main column to reach 3.0mm thickness four, the support of the basketball stand Rods, brackets to be durable, it is best to use removable baseball basketball stand, its stent durability better;

Rebounding options; rebounds FRP, tempered glass, SMC rebounds, glass rebounds. FRP rebound common edge (composite), double-sided adhesive ordinary, wrapped edge, aluminum edge (composite), embedded screws (composite) aluminum edge is the best, tempered glass rebate edge with edge , Aluminum alloy edge of two, (aluminum alloy edge is better to recommend);

Buy a basketball stand to the regular brand manufacturers to buy, so as to avoid some dealers to go to the factory to temporarily transfer goods, so inevitably there will be poor quality products;

Look at the details of the basketball stand, defending the mouth is smooth, the best choice of stainless steel screws, reducing rust and wear. The above aspects to judge the basketball rack is good or bad.