Jack purchase method

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00

1. The method of determining the lift

Use jacks that increase the load of 20 to 30 more than actually required (lift force)

When multiple hydraulic jacks are used together, due to uneven load, use a jack with a sufficient jacking allowance

2 trip decision method

Use hydraulic jacks with sufficient travel allowance

3. Reset function

Single acting type:

Spring reset

The piston rod is reset by the spring

Inverted or horizontal use, the front end of the piston rod equipped with accessories, it will be difficult to reset or not reset phenomenon

Weight (external force) reset

No spring. To get the piston rod back in place, you must have "external force"

No spring. The piston rod must be reset by a sealed "compressed gas"

Double action hydraulic reset

Reset by hydraulic pressure, when the need for stretching force or reset speed requirements quickly use

Use it upside down or horizontally with the attachment of the front end of the piston rod

The size of the pulling force is about 1/2 of the lifting force. Check with the specification sheet

4. Precautions when using

Hydraulic jacks can be "vertical, horizontal, oblique, inverted" set to use, but must be vertical load

5 working speed range

No load: Max300mm / sec

When there is a load: Please use below Max300mm / sec

Weight lifting rate of 5mm / sec or less appropriate

Need more than this speed, please consult us

6. Frequency of use

When the frequency of use, please use the powerful lifting hydraulic jack

7. Use of the environment

Please use -5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ ambient temperature range

Used in the standard hydraulic jack ring in the use of ambient temperature -10 ℃ ~ 80 ℃

8. Hydraulic jacks allow horizontal load

Hydraulic jack load bearing department to fully withstand the load, please be careful not to add oblique load and impact load

Allowable lateral load, please check with the respective specifications